1880 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Rating


The Series 1880 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) is the third example of the four-major versions of this design type. The four designs are the 1869, 1874-1878, 1880 and the 1917. This design did away with the stylized “ONE DOLLAR” on the right side as seen in the 1874-1878 notes and replaced it with several versions of the Treasury seal. All notes are dated 1880 and have the familiar Washington’s portrait in the center and Columbus’ discovery of America on the left top. The back is the same as those found on the 1874-1878 and 1917 versions of the note. Overall this design is a little less “busy” than the design that proceeded it and a little busier than the later 1917 series.

1880 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Distrubution By Variety

Three versions of the seal are found on this note series including a large brown seal, a large red seal or a small red seal. These seal variations along with different Treasury signatures count for all eight variations of this design.

1880 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Distrubution By Grade

Slightly less than sixty million notes were printed and about 2,000 have survived. Most collectors choose one example of this series and they are readily available in both circulated and uncirculated conditions. Nice circulated can be bought for less than $500 and as low as $300. Nice uncirculated examples can be found around $1,200 and up. These values are lower than 1874-1878 version even though approximately the same numbers have survived.

1880 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Values

1880Scofield-GilfillanLarge Brown89129234470530577765130016642300
1880Bruce-GilfillanLarge Brown155167-261540580773127015152620
1880Bruce-WymanLarge Brown155157260319-525749115016952350
1880Rosecrans-HustonLarge Red3643936561101124519902833402053907463
1880Rosecrans-HustonLarge Brown400453682-164523603413423248008758
1880Rosecrans-NebekerLarge Brown525576903-17763713-5120712510355
1880Rosecrans-NebekerSmall Red147159218-426-499150017152104
1880Tillman-MorganSmall Red130144-172535660950113214852239

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