1874-1878 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Rating


The Series 1874-1878 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) is the second in the four-major versions of this design type. The four designs are the 1869, 1874-1878, 1880 and the 1917. This design did away with the colorful rainbow colors of the 1869 note and this series has a different back design that remained unchanged for the rest run. The major features on the front remained the same as earlier versions with George Washington’s portrait in the center and Columbus’ discovery of America on the left top. The other major change included a smaller red spiked seal and that the seal was moved to the left of Washington’s portrait. On the left is a stylized “ONE DOLLAR” surrounded by a red decorated oval. Overall the design is distinctive but a little busy. The reverse is dominated by a large “X” the has “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” printed on it.

1874-1878 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Distrubution By Variety

There are some nine-different minor varieties of the note and they are based on year of issue, Treasury signatures and whether there is a “Series” letter or not. Those notes dated 1874 and 1878 are each a single variety. The 1874 note has Treasury signatures of Allison and Spinner. The 1878 contains the signature combination of Allison and Gilfillan. The 1875 note is a little more complicated with two signature combinations. They are either signed by Allison and New or Allison and Wyman. Those dated 1875 and with the signature combination of Allison and New are further broken down by the addition or not of a “Series” letter. Those with a series letter are rarer and much more expensive. Type collectors will find that any note without a “Series” letter printed on it is a good and affordable choice.

1874-1878 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Distrubution By Grade

Approximately fifty-eight million of these notes were printed and a little less that 2,000 have survived. Those with a series letter added to the note are rare and command much higher prices than those without the series letter. For those notes without a series letter added, conditions and availability is split evenly between circulated and uncirculated notes. Nice circulated examples cost less than $1,000 and nice uncirculated examples go for $1,500 and up. For the type collector, the 1875 Allison-Wyman example to the most available and the most affordable.

1874-1878 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Values

1875Allison-NewSeries A50010391742-26254065707095081089012000
1875Allison-NewSeries B82411611607-263944658330118281940026475
1875Allison-NewSeries C73511391546-187726293430554577608750
1875Allison-NewSeries D57010191507-5000882012625251383880053075
1875Allison-NewSeries E90013471808-320056388330154901785019800

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