1862 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) Rating


The Series 1869 One Dollar United States Note (Legal Tender) note is the second one dollar large note produced by the federal government and it is the first of four similar notes produced between 1869 and 1923. All notes (1869, 1874 to 1878, 1880 and 1917) have similar vignettes and a portrait of George Washington at the center along with a vignette of Christopher Columbus discovering America on the left side.

There is only one variety of this note with all signed by Treasury officials Allison and Spinner. The notes have a star after the serial number. This is just a decorative device on this note and does not represent replacement notes as the star does on later notes. Finally, the back is unique to this series.

1869 One Dollar United States Note Distrubution By Grade

While almost fifty million of these notes were printed, around 1,500 have survived. They are readably available and are highly sought out by collectors because they are part of the “rainbow” run of notes which also include the $2, $5 and $10 notes. These notes are very colorful compared to later issues and are often collected as a type set. All four issues are included in Notetopia’s List of Essential Large Notes. These notes are most available in the circulated grades of fine through about uncirculated. A nice very fine example will cost about one thousand dollars and an almost uncirculated example will cost between $2,500 and $3,000. Uncirculated examples are relatively rare and very sought after. Expect to pay low five digits for a nice high grade example.

1869 One Dollar United States Note Values